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Always have key information

Webfortech was developed by Sleektechnology to be a cloud software.

The interface is designed to operate faster and to reduce data flow.

The workflow is logical and covers every phase of a service business.

It takes only a few seconds to open or modify a client card.

With a competitive market it is more difficult to increase profits on products sales. The service department is more than ever a cornerstone of success. Improving productivity, raising service level and customer loyalty to maximize profitability.


Streamline and update your customer database. And access to all customers information at your fingertips with any devices via a web browser.


Organize jobs however you Like. Reduce your response time on site and your transportation expenses. Increase your productivity without increasing headcount.

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Information is accessible instantly to the whole team and across the company. Immediately measure customers satisfaction after visits.

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Your data are backup and available when you need them on a medium of your choice. For your company safety nothing is saved on your staff computers or devices. No more risk to lose sensitive information.                               Learn more...


Have a clearer view of waranty and contract cost. Reduce inventory turns. Keep historical knowledge for evey customer and products.

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Do not always ask yourself the same questions. Take the right decision at the right time based on real facts with accurate KPI.

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Develop your revenues by invoicing more, and being paid much quicker. Increase working hours by reducing administrative tasks. Avoid errors and double entries.

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