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Webfortech by Sleek Technology

Sleek Technology is a young international startup whose funders cumulate years of experience in company management in information technology and after sales service.

For the last 20 years the partners of Sleek Technology has used expensive management tools within large corporate and SME (small and medium enterprise) to monitor their businesses. Today Sleek Technology is happy to bring professional solution to SME to close the gap between tools used by large corporates and SME and for a fraction of the costs.

Today companies whatever their sizes have the same vital need for management tools and KPI but they do not all have the same financial resources and manpower.

Sleek Technology with its first product webfortech has decided to propose a tool that does not flatter the managers’ ego by providing them with too much unnecessary data making decisions a burden. Instead the product has been design to obtain an early adoption by users on the fields and providing managers with relevant data.

Webfortech after 3 years of field test has worked extensively to mix ergonomic, ease of use, productivity and power.

All the field force service management aspect is covered
with no unnecessary aspect. But most of all
Sleek Technology has keep in mind the economic situation of its clients.

A lot of companies would like to have the Freedom without Constraints offered by our pay as usage solution, unique in this market.

If you are not in the field service industry, do not worry our team are working on a lot of other projects based on the
same pay as usage philosophy.


For more information contact us and we will get back to you within 24H00.